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your top 5 favorite games

  • Extreme TrucksExtreme Trucks
    Play through nine levels of rugged terrain on your monster truck! Drive through water, snow, and dirt in the most extreme environments!

additional favorite games

  • 110m Hurdles110m Hurdles
    It takes perfect timing and accuracy to be a 110m sprint hurdles champion. Can you beat yourself in a hurdle race? Try for 10 seconds or less!
  • 15 Puzzle15 Puzzle
    This is the classic number slider. Good detail and sound.
  • 1i1i
    Help 1i collect green blobs, but beware of the blue blobs, which will decrease your health!
  • 21 Balloons21 Balloons
    Collect balloons but don't pop them! Collect the same color at a time for bonus points! Use the claw to grab the strings but not the balloon!
  • 30 Seconds30 Seconds
    See how fast your brain can process in this clicking frenzy! Quickly click the differently colored ring segments! How many can you click?
  • 4PM4PM
    Snatch biscuits as they rain from the sky at teatime! Stack them as high as possible as quickly as you can!
  • 60 Second Shootout60 Second Shootout
    Score as many points as you can in just sixty seconds! Launch the water balloon off the wire and past the spiky defender to gain points!
  • 60 Seconds Dash60 Seconds Dash
    See how far you can launch the cannon in sixty seconds! Press the correct keys in order to keep the cannon flying through the air!
  • 7 Chances7 Chances
    Figure out the name of the famous Hollywood or Bollywood actor or movie in this hangman-like game! You have seven chances to make a mistake!
  • A Guinea Pig AdventureA Guinea Pig Adventure
    Guide Charlie the guinea pig through a maze of levels. Solve puzzles by collecting carrots!
  • AirborneAirborne
    Use your slingshot to knock down balloons before they cross the line! Use a variety of weapons and upgrade between levels to get more balloons!
  • Airborne ProAirborne Pro
    Arm yourself with various weapons and ammunition, and shoot down as many balloons as you can. Shoot money and health to extend your game.
  • Airport TycoonAirport Tycoon
    Think you have what it takes to run an airport? Find out! Buy destinations, improve food quality, even pay to fix the runways!
  • Alex the AdventurerAlex the Adventurer
    Make your way through the dark rainy night on the quest to find your lost marbles. Common sense and a little luck with guide you through.
  • AlexTraxAlexTrax
    Help Alex travel on his bicycle! Bike over hills and peaks! Get the key to unlock the exit, and then get back to the exit to move on!
  • Alien AbductionAlien Abduction
    Get items from Earth back into the mothership without getting your ship destroyed! Collect the required number of creatures to move on!
  • AlpineAlpine
    Put on some warm cloths, wax your skies, and get ready for some great downhill skiing. There are several runs to pick from and a high score list!
  • Antarctic RacerAntarctic Racer
    Help the little penguin race down a snowy hill on his belly! Collect yummy fish, but avoid trees and boxes which will hurt him and slow him down!
  • Ants SurvivorAnts Survivor
    Help the ants defend their home colony against invading bug enemies! Blast the enemies with your laser and collect what they leave behind!
  • Avalanche AnarchyAvalanche Anarchy
    Race down the mountain to beat the avalanche! Collect fuel along the way and boost through the icy wasteland on the path to victory!
  • BalanceBalance
    Keep the box from sliding to either end of the platform! Be careful though, balls will rain from the sky to knock you off balance!