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Puzzle Games:

Check out all the Puzzle Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.


Transition Place arrows on the grid and then click on the cannon to launch the ball! Get the ball to the goal using the arrows to change its direction!

Saucer Panic

Saucer Panic Play air-traffic controller for space! Keep the flying saucers from crashing into each other as they come in for landings on their color.

Paper Floods

Paper Floods Place objects so that when the water rises, the paper person will be saved from the flood!

Super Robot Eva

Super Robot Eva The robot follows the directions on the grid, so place them appropriately to avoid turrets and obstacles to get to your destination!


Patcha Feed the buttons to Patcha the bear! Click on the wooden blocks to clear them and create a path for the button to reach Patcha along.

Space Trace

Space Trace Watch the asteroid bounce around and create the outline of the shape! Trace the outline to figure out the word which uses the letters.


Blind Find your way through the level with very limited vision! Watch the circle around you and throw your ball to get an idea of your surroundings.

Reach the Star

Reach the Star Use pushing and pulling machines together to move the ball to the star and light it up! Use machines on each other and on the ball to place it.

Oliver and the Basilisks

Oliver and the Basilisks Help keep Oliver from being turned to stone by the basilisks! Run them into each other to turn them to stone, or use spells against them.

Bustling Hedgehog

Bustling Hedgehog Help the bustling hedgehog push objects to cover the blue dots in each level. Plan carefully so that all the dots end up covered.

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