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Strategy Games:

Check out all the Strategy Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.

The Geom Tower Defense

The Geom Tower Defense Choose the difficulty of your game based on the path you must defend! Squares become triangles, triangles become lines and lines become dots!

Ziblok's Grill

Ziblok's Grill Make burgers for all your alien friends! Give them exactly what they want and don't waste any ingredients! Get more food as you progress!

Dictator Defense

Dictator Defense Oh no, the dictator's army is attacking! It's up to you to plan how you will defend your base! Make sure to place banks to get some money.

Bug War 2

Bug War 2 Carefully choose which enemy colonies to attack! Claim all enemy colonies as your own to win! Earn achievements as you go and win the bug war!


Zomber The world has been infested by zombies and it's up to you to eliminate them! Use zombie fighting robots called zombers to get rid of zombies!

Twelve Towers

Twelve Towers Learn spells and defend towers against evil invaders! Earn gold to upgrade your towers, speed, and armor! Earn points to learn new spells!

Magnet Crane

Magnet Crane Use the magnet crane to stack blocks up to the target height! Carefully pick them up and move them into place!

Britian's Best Brain

Britian's Best Brain Test your brain's capacity for calculations, memory, recognition, coordination, and risk! Do you have what it takes to be Britian's best brain?

Summoner Saga Chapter 5

Summoner Saga Chapter 5 Help Shanti and Gaurda fight against evil demons and monsters in this anime game! Follow the storyline to learn about the Summoners!

Gem Trader

Gem Trader You have twenty days to repay your debt of $10,000 or you'll lose your house! Make the money by buying and selling gems, buy low, sell high!

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